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Some years ago I stopped by a (now closed) pub in Portland's "Pearl District" and while waiting for the musicians that I had gone to support I shot this through the glass door. I didn't notice at the time of the shot that the illuminated lamp posts out on the street happened to line up with the windows of the "streetcar" etched onto the door.streetcar.jpg
This is a nice shot @Gary R. Smith. Right time and right place (serendipity, as you said), but also colour opposites working together. And the green flare or reflection above them is not an intruder, but the neutral observer, the needle in the balance. The crop is strange but original.
The crop is strange but original.
I don't remember why I cropped like that. I think there may have been street "traffic" of some sort (people/cars?) that I felt distracted from the lamps in the image windows. I do remember that the shot was taken from where I was sitting (as far as I recall) and that I didn't do anything (intentionally move) to position the street lamps inside the streetcar windows.
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