Darren Turner


just a random shot of my

nope & i aint telling her she will kill me.......haha, i put it on face book and i gonna get battered when i next see her apparently............ she dont like her pic being taken yet who does, it was just a spare of moment thing during a walk around local park
haha thanks paul, The background is as shot, as is the whole image, not much pp done at all.......!! Using the love of my life, yes you guessed it my 70-200m F2.8 lol
Nice one Darren!

Very good natural capture.

Didn't realize you and the 70-200 were dating! LOL :)
I am ashamed to admit it but we are chris, she feels sooooo good lol
Oooooo errrrr missus!
Bloody hells fire ... I have a busy few days ... Come to have a mooch through a bunch of misses threads and there is people fiddling over the weekend and fingering rings ... Smut! Smut! Smut! :)
gentlemen eh............that impressive & nice comment from you Laurie you usually call me far worse on
Stop flattering yourself Darren, you wasn't included in the gentlemen comment gonkbags lolol

awww munchkinchops I do so love abusing you hahaha