Snap of the Day (2010)

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Since around 1900 everyday people have been able to take everyday photos of their surroundings. The invention of the box brownie was possibly the start of "snap shot" photography and as time has passed since then more and more technology has been invented to allow even the least technically capable person take a photo.

We are now at a stage that even our mobile phones are capable of taking passable photography. The up shot of this is that everyday possibly millions of photos are taken that will only ever be viewed once or twice again until they are eventually lost by the breakdown of a HDD or the loss of a backup cd etc.

The funny thing is that when we look back at photos taken in the days of our child hood or even back further back to the 70's 60's 50's 40's etc (i was born in the 80's :) ). Some of the most fascinating things are of what at the time might have been considered fairly mundane - the lack of cars on the road, or the tram on the high street that is long since gone etc...

it is also very apparent to me that many of us are inspired by these images, i often try to make my photos look subtly vintage, in fact it is a big part of my style... especially when it comes to wedding photography..

The passing of time is fundamentally fascinating to all humans, tv programmes, books, articles on the internet about history and archaeology and antiques and relics are everywhere ... yet we allow our lives to pass with barely a thought for the now, we are always thinking about the future or indeed reminiscing about the past.

With that in mind, i would like to encourage people to take one photo everyday and post it in this thread... it doesn't matter what it is of; your car, your dog, the street outside your house, the high street in your town ... it really doesn't matter! what does matter is that it is a moment in time... a moment in your time... that is after all in the simplest terms what photography is about.

The rules are as follows post process
2.state a brief description of what the photo is of and if it is relevant its location
3.state the camera that you used

That's it... i just want to see basic photography direct from the camera of your surroundings as they are as you see them today, tomorrow and every day from now on.
i really hope that this forum lasts, in fact if it lasted long enough for people to be able to look back even as little as 5 years i think that these photos could indded become the most interesting on here!

to start this off i am going to post a photo that to most people will be meaningless, but it is in fact a photo i have taken a 100 times or more...
it is the view out of the shop that i work in and have worked in for 5 years (now just 1 day a week). i have teken it so many times as it is taken with most new cameras that come into the shop ...
on this occasion i have taken it with my iphone 4


a seemingly boring photo, but look at what can be seen, a ford focus, an oldish one, but one that can be seen on the roads almost everyday... the clothes of the people walking past, the Worcester festival banner in the background... mundane now... fascinating in 50 years... im not trying to elevate this photo to anything more than it currently is ... i accept that its pretty dull now... and there is a chance that it might get lost along with all those other throw away images... it is of now... little more... and if it does survive it will be interesting along way down the the road... and so will all of your contributions!

so thats that... it has begun, i will be taking a photo, perhaps not every day, but when ever i think to to post in this thread... i would love it if you did the same.
as something to inspire you - a member of this forum and a member of named Alex takes photos of his daughter and uses them as his avatar... i have already seen her go from a baby to a little girl... and it is one of the most heart warming things to see... why not do something similar in this thread if you cant think of anything else... ... :)
Well as she gets an honourable mention... :)

this is what painting looks like when you're almost 2...


Here are some Shortbread biscuits that i am making here at the hotel were i work (chef) We serve these with coffee after dinner or in fact with any coffee ordered by customers throughout the day, they are made with loads of welsh butter and they go down a treat.

Incidently grez on the forum ( Graeme Harvey ) is coming for dinner this evening, so he can sample these freshly made biscuits aftre his dinner, i am sure he will vouch for how good these taste

I also used my I Phone 4 for this image.


I really like this idea of snap of the day Hamish, i look forward to seeing what folks will be posting.

The rules are as follows post process
2.state a brief description of what the photo is of and if it is relevant its location
3.state the camera that you used

Well that eliminates me. I exclusively shoot RAW with the Nikon, and it is impossible to see the image without processing. RAW is a container for a number of files, not an image format. I shoot MPO with the stereo camera, which can only be viewed on the camera's monitor or the Fuji viewing frame, without extracting the JPEGs from the MPO file - which is also a container. Extracting is also processing. For posting on line, anaglyphs that can be viewed in stereo with either the traditional red/cyan or the newer green/magenta glasses are ideal - but again require processing.

Going back even farther, since Henry Fox Talbot made the first negative/positive print in 1836, all the bazillions of images that followed over the past century and three-quarters have been processed. It is an integral part of photography since the beginning. Every roll of film that is dropped off at the lab is processed. The operator of the big print machine is in essence running it through an analogue version of Photoshop. Anyone who has ever printed their own in the fume-room, is well aware of the level of control that is exercised upon the image. I suppose a case could be made by "Purists" for just showing the negative - not the print - but that would be terminally boring. Showing the positive as it comes from the camera is equivalent.

Digital always begins with RAW - the data that every digital camera sensor produces is RAW in the beginning. Even the crudest camera in a cell phone starts off with RAW. It is a choice if the RAW image is processed internally by the camera settings or externally by the photographer's settings in a RAW conversion program. In either case, the settings are determined by the photographer. Either way the image is processed - only the location and level of control varies.
Larry, I take your point, but I fear you have missed mine...
But it is perhaps worth while that I clarify... What mean is no post process beyond what is required to create a day to day looking image... I'm not wanting a peice of art that has been processed extensively. Just a normal snap .... I'm sure people can work out the line of process that I mean ...
Unless I am after some special effect, I process only to achieve what I was visualizing for the image - a totally honest interpretation. You have access to my Facebook albums. In my Aquatints album, obviously the process is paramount in achieving a specific look and the same is true of the HDR stuff. However, look at the stuff in my Oddments album following the obvious play-images at the beginning, or my chronicles of AmiCUE, street albums, cats, festivals and so on, and you will see what I mean about just achieving what I visualized. I think it is obvious to any viewer when I am doing an image for effect, and when I am optimizing an image shot as reportage.

I fully understand your goal - reportage. I also understand that I am not satisfied until my image matches my vision for it and processing is integral - inseparable - and I prefer to do it outside of the camera.
Ok, well I shall leave it to you larry, im mostly going to post photos from my iPhone that I take in the spur of the moment, I'm sure you can find a way to contribute, if you wish to, without compromising the rules :)

The view out my window.

All about it.
Model NIKON D700
Date/time 8/25/2010 1:32:43 PM
Image description
Artist Larry N. Bolch
Copyright 2010
Exposure time 1/320 s
F-number f/5.6
Exposure program Aperture priority
ISO speed ratings ISO 200
Exposure bias value 0.00 eV
Exposure mode Auto exposure
White balance Auto white balance
Focal length in 35mm film 50 mm
Scene capture type Standard
Gain control None
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Sharpness Normal
GPS Latitude Reference North latitude
GPS Latitude 53, 32' 25.2359"
GPS Longitude Reference West longitude
GPS Longitude 113, 34' 58.86"
GPS Altitude Reference Sea level
GPS Altitude 669 m
GPS Timestamp 13:32:43
GPS Satellites 07
GPS Map Datum WGS 84
GPS Date Stamp 2010:08:25
Nikon Maker Notes
Quality RAW
White balance Auto
ISO setting ISO 200
Focus mode AF-C
Noise reduction OFF
Lens 50 mm

HTC Desire test photo - King Billy Hull by Mark G. in England, on Flickr

King Billy Statue, Market Place, Lowgate, Hull.

Taken with my HTC Desire mobile phone recently bought from

The picture was uploaded directly from my phone to flickr, no tweaking at all.

Resized by Flickr to post here. Full size available at flickr by clicking the picture.

The picture was taken on Saturday 31st July 2010 at 09:17 AM.

Saturdays for me are normally working days, answering emails and despatching orders in the mornings, then time off in the afternoon.

This was an exception to my usual routine...

My Wifes car needed to go in for service to a garage that was in Hull near the City centre and I decided to go for a long walk rather than sit and wait at the BMW garage....

Walking past King Billy statue on his horse reminded me of about 20 years ago when we used to go out getting drunk in the city centre pubs, there is a pub called the ' The King William' just visible in the picture.

Brought back some memories :) I had not walked on this street for about 20 years...

The location is on google maps here:,-0.333553&spn=0.000659,0.001212&t=h&z=20

If you look on google maps you can see the Gold horse in the middle of the road with the four lights around it :)

I like the camera in my HTC desire and now I have it connected to Flickr I will use it more.....Puts those iphones to shame :)

here's my contribution. Theres a version of this on my flickr, but it was edited slightly (e.g. border, sharpness, and highlights brought down a little) but here is the image that came right out the camera.

This is my humble car, a 1999 BMW 530D seen at the docks of Rosyth in Fife (scotland)

the E39 is still a common every day sight, but I suspect as years go past, there will be fewer and fewer good solid older luxury cars driving around our roads.

nice car... that chap ed in the photo i just posted is the guy that turns bmws in to the motorsport photos i have posted!

this is my input for the day ... Joe, one of the guys that normally works in the office with me and greg is working else where today, hannah has had a day off ill and has sat with us making us cups of tea and working on some artwork that she is producing

take on my iphone 4

Hers is my snap for today


Llyn Tegid - Bala Lake

Today i had to shoot up to manchester for a hospital visit of a friend, now i am back in wales. On way back i stopped in bala just to grab a shot of the lake with my i phone 4, looking like a storm was due at the time.

Image uploaded to photobucket via i phone app, then resized via photobucket also for display here on the forum

Bala Lake (Welsh: Llyn Tegid) is a large lake in Gwynedd, Wales. It was the largest natural body of water in Wales prior to the level being raised by Thomas Telford to help support the flow of the Ellesmere Canal. It is 4 miles (6.4 km) long by 1 mile (1.6 km) wide, and is subject to sudden and dangerous floods. The River Dee runs through it and the waters of the lake are famously deep and clear