Snap of the Day (2011)

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
... I didn't take this ... But it's my pic for the day non the less

Well congratulations Hamish! Should have got me to take it though at least you would have seen the little ones face!

You can just make out a jaw, nose and eye socket ...
No word of a lie it was kicking, rolling and waving it's little arms ... At one point it put one arm behind it's head and waved the other one like it was waving at us ... Very funny
You should have said you wanted to start a family, I've a couple that wont leave home you could have had them
nice Pete, that almost deserved its own thread ...
good effort to get this thread going again ... or at least the new 2011 version ;)
At the Del Mar Fairgrounds today...

Saw this on the side of the delivery van for the local Italian restaurant - made me chuckle

It does look tempting. What's for dinner tonight and what wine shall I have to go with it ; )
Hamish - you have a golden rabbit in your garden!