Soft Vignette B&W LR preset

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
I've made another Lightroom preset that i thought i would share with you all


original image


download here
Thanks, this is nice.

PS Would it help people to document the adjustments in a preset when posting it?
I guess, I just sort of presume people would work it out when they load it into LR
But I suppose it might make sense to list the specifics so people can see what, why and how ... I'll get on it!

Hmm... I do stuf to the curves that I'm not sure how to put into words...
Much of my why's will also likely be "because I like the effect" ...

I'll have a think and get on it ... If i forget, remind me though, as I have packed up the computer and I need to refer back to lightroom ...
No worries, it was just a thought, I tried this preset on one or two photos and it worked really well, but not on another, so found myself wondering exactly what was going on.
I've realised I've made a school boy error and saved it as a preset of every setting and not just the ones I wanted to change ... Basically you have a version that sets the white balance to the white balance setting in this photo... Same goes for my sharpening and a few other things that aren't nessasary!
That won't be helping ...

Also, they don't always work for everything ... I'll reupload it tomorrow!

I must check I haven't done that for my other uploads too ...
Ok ... Right, i've updated it now, so re-download and scrap the last one

so ...

1/4 stop up exposure
blacks up to 20
brightness up to 90
clarity up to 15

on the tone curve ive set the split points to for dark and lights 10 and 90 respectively
then set the shadows to -10
and highlights t0 65

all the above is for getting the contrast right really

then in the the Post crop vignette

Amount to -25
midpoint to 0
roundness to 45
feather to 100

this gives a soft vignette that goes well into the centre of the image

Black and white mix is set to auto so it should work on most images fairly well
That's much better hammy, I like the sound of that... I'm gonna give that a go tonight....
Thanks Hamish, that's great!

It's useful to see what you did so that if on a particular photo it's too much or too little it is easier to see what might need to be changed.
Great effect, I like it! I wonder how it looks on "no-people shots", but I can work it out for my self, I guess...:)