Some more Maldivian sunsets

Tim Pindar

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Suggestions for improvements welcome, or any tips for better shots, composition, etc.






some gorgeous shots mate, lovely colours, contrast and light, in particular i love the second one, really dreamy quality to it. :)

my only small criticism is with the first two, i'd have come lower down, bringing the horizon down to the bottom 3rd line. In the first image this could have made the line between the rocks and the tree less confusing.

The other small one, is one ive said a few times to people on this forum.... watch your horizon lines. Quite a few images there have slightly squint horizons, and this is something people will pick up on really quickly.

Adobe camera raw has an excellent tool for correcting this, and its worth revisiting these images with this tool to straighten them up.

But as I always say... im nitpicking, with what are gorgeous images to be proud of. really stunning photographs indeed
Love the use of silhouette foreground objects in 1 and 2 - just been trying a little of that myself up at Tahoe!

Love the wide-screen crop on the last shot - and the colours too - nice! :)
Thanks for the nice comments!

The first two were both taken hand held, but I see your point David. I could probably crop the [typo: second] slightly to get the horizon down a bit, losing a bit on the right, would have to see how that looked.

I was surprised by your comment on the horizons not being level as I normally check that carefully. I've checked them again and the first one is indeed very slightly out. The penultimate one is too but only by a tiny fraction. Do any of the others look off, because they check out OK? I'm happy with the observation but you must be very sensitive to this flaw!

We've been lucky enough to go there two years running and this year the sunsets weren't as good as last. Nos 3,4 and 5 are from this year though and have come out much better than I expected. No 5 was taken from a boat on a "sunset cruise" which came on a day when the sunset really wasn't great at all. However I really like the outcome as I was able to get the photo just as a local working boat went past, giving a nice interesting silhouette which looks better at a larger size than displayed here. (See here and click on the picture for a bigger view.)
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All nice shots and as always I feel with sunsets some thing else in the frame to give it some interest.
... I got a tip for ya, stop making me jealous ;)

I too am sensitive to slightly wonky horizons, but don't see them in my own images sometimes, I check all of mine in lightroom where when rotating you get grid lines to work off....

For me image 2 is the clear winner out of these shots, I have no real issue with the others, but 2 is a much more uniuqe if that makes sence :)
Re no. 2 - it's funny isn't it, I spent ages with a mini tripod, remote trigger, etc trying to take something special, but that one was a quick "snap", handheld, whilst the family were waiting just ahead ready to go and eat. I find that all the time, good fortune plays a big part. Of course, you have to be there and snapping to make that luck happen.