Sony Centre Berlin

Tom Aspin

A bit of a trip down memory lane.

I was working for a company in Velten ( about half an hour from Berlin), and fairly frequent visitor.
My boss suggested that I bring the family for the weekend,so he could show me the sights of Berlin.

On this trip out I only had a very basic 5mp HP 517 with me, and captured this image, that despite the low resolution, remains one of my favourite images from the visit
sony centre berlin aug 2008.jpg
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Fab shot, Tom😃.
Thank you, glad you like it. I'd been through there on plenty of other occasions over the years but never in bright sunlight. And when I got the opportunity, I only had a pretty low end camera on me :eek:
I think what gives the impression of sharpness is the good image contrast, which compensates somewhat for the lack of outright resolution.
I'd like to go back some time, and repeat the shot with a bit more resolution than the HP517 could muster in 2008
Nicely done, Tom. It is an iconic roof isn't it?
Thank you - it is a pretty amazing structure.
All the other times I'd been in there it was either dark or raining - looks quite different in the sun

Nice! It looks perfect on my phone, and I bet it does much bigger too!
I think I managed about 6 x 8 when i printed it. Like i said before, I think the contrast makes up for the lack of megapixels.
I remember being a bit pissed off at the time as I'd had to leave my other much better camera ( Fuji s9600) at the hotel as it wouldnt fit in my rucksack.
I used to have a Sigma DP1s - the results from that in good light were absolutely knockout. Full on pain in the arse to shoot though...
I have a DP1 Merrill. (Bought it from @Rob MacKillop.) Full on pain in the arse. (I mean the camera, can make your own mind up about Rob.) :)