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All being well, my Dad’s Spotty will be home again tomorrow (🤞🤞). Looking at the engineer’s report, there was rather more amiss with it than I realised. Sounds like it had a fairly extensive overhaul (shutter, light seals film plane alignment). The 55mm f1.8 Super Tak also needed quite a bit of work, all stripped and cleaned, focus helicoid regreased. Looking forward to getting it back and using it.
It’s been in our family since ‘76 when my older brother bought it. He then passed it on to my dad when he moved on to an ME. I inherited it in the late 90s but have only run maybe a couple of rolls through it since. Looking at the user’s manual that I got with it, it’s the same age as me. I’ll update for anyone interested when I have it back.


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Back home safe ‘n’ sound. Looking and sounding fantastic. They’ve done a fab job of it. The light meter has also been re-jigged for silver oxide cells (there’s cell left in by them, all ready to go). Roll on the first roll 😎


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