Laurie Parker

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Some of the very friendly squirrels at a local park


Don't like the look of them brown leaves makes me feel cold allready:D:D
But them cracking Sqiggles make up for it,Super stuff

lol cheers Frank, I think autumn must be my favourite time of the year I love the colours only thing is I hate what follows it lol
Love #1 - he looks very focussed on his nuts! LOL

How much sharpening on #2?

Just asking because the fur detail looks a little 'edgy'.

I get the same look on water droplets when sharpening surf shots - if indeed you have been sharpening?

Which lens were you using to get so close?
lol he sure loves his nuts haha, with sharpening I usually do unsharp mask at about 30% and 2.5 pixels, it may look a little edgy due to its size here? I usually do images at 1000 pixels at the widest and he seems fine at that size, so gonna do copies at 800 widest as well now to see if that helps.

The lens on these two was the Canon EF-S F4-5.6 55-250mm IS lens, taken at 250mm, I tend to spend a lot of my time sniping along the ground and in bushes to get close lol, I usually bait an area up that I like with peanuts not in the shells cos I find they eat them if unshelled where they find them, when they are shelled they leg it and bury them, then its the waiting game lol
There's so much to wildlife photography beyond just pressing the shutter at the right time - you need to know your subject's habits!
yep definately same with birds in the garden I watch them for weeks as I have found they tend to follow certain feeding patterns certain branches etc and then take it from there