Steve Poltz - Live in concert - San Diego

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent

Canon 1D MKII - 70-200 f2.8L

Taken at the Birch Aquarium, KPRI 'green flash' concert series.

The organizers were very pro photography (which makes a change), and this picture was selected as the best shot from the concert series - bagging wifey and myself 2 tickets to another gig :cool:

The stage was raised, with the setting sun and ocean as backdrop - the band were heavily backlit, so I took a series of test frames, and used the histogram in camera to gradually dial-up the correct exposure compensation.

Jaunty angle was used to add interest to an otherwise very standard set-up on stage - and selection was made partially on the good eye contact with Steve in this frame.

They're even using it to promote this seasons concert series - maybe I need to hit them up for some copyright fees! :confused:
I like the jaunty angle it works well, the quality is great too. Great that you get some free tickets from it too.

I tried a little of this and it's surprisingly hard to capture the mood of the event, it's great though because someone does all the lighting for you.