Strap Buddy Available

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Hi all

Not so long ago we discussed the purchase of some strap buddys


Real Photographers Forum has taken delivery of our first batch and they are now for sale!

if anyone would like to buy one they are £10 inc delivery ..

i have a online shop on the way, but that might take a little bit of time ... so in the mean while let me know if you want one and I will send you the paypal details ... cheers

Profits go toward the upkeep of the forum! tell your friends :)


(real photographers forum has tested this product and feels it is robust enough to trust! but, we can not take any responsibility for damage caused to your equipment through use of this product ... so be careful please and make sure you attach it properly)

I can give you a UK address as I will be there very briefly in January. Otherwise, postage is fine, more reasonable than sending stuff from here. Can you PM or mail me the paypal details please?
mmmmmmmmmmmm interesting..........
I have been using one for a few days now, the camera does hang much better when walking around.
can anyone stick up a pic or to of it in action..........?

o this may not be that easy if you dont have another camera........haha
My strap buddy arrived today. It works well and does what it claims to do! Seems very robust as well.

There's a promo video of it here:

The only downsides I can think of are:

- if you use a tripod regularly I guess you would have to keep unscrewing the strap buddy to fit the tripod. However it has a fairly easy to use screw action, not slow or fiddly at all.

- Once fitted, when you put your camera down on a flat surface, it will now rest on the strap buddy, and hence is wobbly and not horizontal. If you want to take a shot with the camera resting on a table top say you'd have to unscrew the strap buddy first.

- The buddy itself is in two parts, only one of which is fixed to your strap. In either of the situations mentioned above, once you've removed the screw-in part it might get lost unless you put it somewhere safe.

- Similarly if you remove the buddy for a period you have two bits to keep safe somewhere, and of course undoing your strap from one mount and re-threading it onto another takes a while, and IS fiddly. Best to commit to the strap buddy or not use it at all.

So, having said all that, if most of your camera usage takes place with your camera hanging around your neck, this is a good improvement, and with a bit of advance prep you can choose when to use it and when to use the usual mounting point.