Swallow Falls

Darren Turner



i was rather unimpressed with the falls near Betws-y-Coed. You had to pay to get closer and to see the falls, the view points were ok, but not really good enough for a good photo. I tried is all that counts i suppose.

I hope Lorraine post her pics from the water falls she visited recently, you will be just like i am very impressed and also hard pressed to see or even find a waterfall images so impressive.

I actually like the look of these falls Darren love the way they spread about over the rocks, when you have paid to go in are you allowed off the usual track they suggest?

lovely shot though, lovely rich greens against that nice white water, and cheers for the compliment on my waterfall pics lol, I will be posting up some images soon at moment Im in middle of popping ICC profiles into them for the lab and getting sizes right etc :/
I like the second one with the water spreading and forming lots of smaller waterfalls.
Niiiice:D I think N0 2 for me also smashin shot has just enough slow water capture

the car park is more like a layby to be honest Alastair, there is a big hotel complex opposite called swallow falls hotel if that helps, there is no cafe though as you mentioned.
is this the place where you have to pay at some turnstiles?
sure is vic, i couldn't get through cos had slingshot on me back, the guy that takes money looks about 165, he opened the wheelchair access door for me..........lol
my mother called here yesterday well to Betws bud didnt go to falls cos she got the dog and he has an issue with if he sees water he needs to go in it and he dont care how big the drop is lol