Milan Vjestica

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A week spent touring around Tasmania. We had everything from Sunshine to Snow, not bad for a month into spring!

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

A fine spring morning:cool:

Port Arthur

Spiky Beach with the Freycinet Peninsula on the horizon

Wineglass Bay in freycinet National Park

Cape Tourville looking toward Wineglass Bay

Saw a couple of Humpback Wales off Cape Tourville but could not get a picture, they were too far away.
The blues in the Wineglass Bay shot are amazing - did you use a polarizer at all?
That d300 has travelled an incredible distance ... From its factory, to me in the uk.
I took it to the carabean and Kenya and now it's being put to good use on the oposite side of the world
Did you get the sensor swabs yet?

I like the beach one, it looks so untouched for a beach!
Hi Hamish,

It is indeed a well travelled camera.

No sensor swabs yet. They may take a while if they went by sea!

That paticular beach gets some tourist traffic. I believe it is rated as one of the worlds (top 5) most beautiful beaches.

I like the last one, a view from Cape Tourville toward Wineglass Bay.

Where next for this well travelled camera?