The eyes have it

Laurie Parker

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Out in the garden taking some bird shots when I heard a rustling sound in the shrubs looked down to see my neighbours cat watching me, he has got the most amazing blue eyes i have ever seen on a cat!

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hmmm how weird is this I can see them lol - I am linking from my EPZ account two ticks shall upload to flickr and relink from there
I can see it! I agree they are striking!
I just found my neighbours cat in our bedroom, went to say hello to it then my 2 dogs rocked up and the cat went mental and scratched the hell out of my arms and hands... Poor thing was terrified!!
ouch they dont half give nasty scratches when terrified, I got two dogs and two cats here although this lot seem to get on ok until one of them is in a mood lol
I can see it now thanks. I don't know if your original hosting site was down when I looked earlier this morning. Great photo, but I really don't like the subject - like you with fish, I'm afraid!
2 dogs 3 cats 2 budgies and 3 chickens here ... they too get on fine... for the most part... although soldier the big cat is the boss... he patrols the house making sure everything is ok. once in a while murphy goes for him.... soldier always wins!
Might have been something to do with EPZ's settings Grez never thought of that when I first linked there, I got Birds too Hamish two very very noisy cockatiels one of which can speak and believe me I wish he had never learnt lol also got a pond of fish *shudders at the thought*
It's like the cat is hypnotizing me with it's stare...

Bring me tuna LOL

Great picture - the detail inside the eyes is amazing :)
Nice shot, really feel he;s look right at you.