The Gower

Laurie Parker

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Bracelet Bay on The Gower


Another of Bracelet Bay


Langland Bay & Rotherslade Bay The Gower
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I see you have not lost your touch:D
spot on shots

Beautiful landscapes, Skye. Lovely lighting and great fine detail. As usual.
you make me sick laurie.....haha ..........this looks like a stunning area you have photographed well. We dont have coastal scenery like that around this part of wales. :-(
If your after landscape and views like this pay a visit to the Gower Darren the whole peninsula right around is full of this type of scenery it really is a gorgeous place to visit and loads of private campsites about too for a weekend trip, and there is a coastal walk which follows the coastline too which is an added bonus
cheers Frank and Grez finally getting to grips with landscapes still loads to learn though but feel now as if I am getting somewhere lol
I used an ND filter on all of these and I always shoot in Raw, and I always under expose on camera when I take any photos in sunlight most of the time I am pretty lucky with the sun being behind me but occasionally its to my left or right which is when I find underexposing really helpful - these were all also taken Aperture priority
Bracelet Bay shot could be a publicity shot for the area - very nice.

You have me thinking about ND filters now - were you using an ND Grad?

Also - screw in filter or the big plastic ones that fit into the filter mount, like Cokin P mount..?
This was a screw in ND8 filter, I always use them for really harsh sunlight shots seems to help with the skies mainly