The House on the Hill

Stevenson Gawen

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I pass this house quite often, but it's only the last year or so that I've been photographing it. I'm trying to capture it in as many different 'moods' as I can. Got a few so far.

The first was shot with a 30mm lens on an APS-C camera, i.e. 45mm equivalent, and I usually try to take a shot at that focal length. Not all, but most are at about that. I think it helps to tie the series together a little more.


Early summer
Mid summer
Autumn again

That's it so far! I'd like a snowy one - hope we get a decent fall this year, but it's looking dry so we may not.
A superb series of images. In the autumn shot I love the way that not only does the main rainbow have it’s ‘pot of gold’ in the house, but the secondary bow lines up perfectly with the tree..😃
Nice series, Stevenson. Well worth continuing. A thought: Maybe using the same focal length from the same position each time would make the series more story-like?
same focal length from the same position each time
Thanks, yes, I agree. Oddly enough, this is the first time I've put the set together on one page 😅 and I do feel the ones from a different angle don't quite fit... good excuse to take some more.😉
@Ralph Turner, @Pete Askew thanks too!
trees are in a similar state of decline
Yes, there's quite a lot like that around here. There's whole patches (usually all hilly exposed areas) all over the Monaro where some species of eucalyptus have died - the phenomenon is known as 'dieback'. Seems to be caused by drought in combination with other environmental stress. The only good bit is that in most cases other tree's will take their place, given a chance. Landcare groups have done replanting in parts too.