The studio .... not quite finished, but nearly there

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Popped in again today, Richard was back up there having a play about with some of the kit in prep for some work he was doing this avo ... as requested i have taken a couple of shots of some of the kit i have up there

its not the biggest space, the shooting area is about 8'x8'x8' with a bit of extra space at the sides on the floor and a bit higher up the back wall to accomodate a paper roll or 2 ... as you can see i have had the walls painted grey, i have a black cloth back drop (not shown) and a white paper roll giving quite a lot of options. the fire door can be opened for natural light if one should desire such a thing.
i have 2 500 watt flashes and 1 800 watt - almost to much power for the room really ... almost ... i have the massive square soft box (in shot), a big octagonal one, a couple of silver/black umbrellas and couple of shoot through umbrellas and a black and white umbrella. i also have a snoot, barn doors, and a beauty dish... and a boom for one of the lights ... oh and the lights are all remote controlled with a snazzy little handset .. thats it i think...
excuse the bright photos, i was in a hurry as Richards clients were about to arrive ...


wow looking pretty professional..........i like it
when its completely done im gonna take some nice photos of it, after all, its been a yeah in the making so far ... and im still not done
Looks like you have tidied up since I visited :)

loooking good.
indeed, cheers mark ... although the only thing i did is move the tables we used... i still havent even swept the floor
Dont forget that presentation and first impressions are everything, find a brush or hoover :)
Nice set-up - brings back memories of studio shoots.

I used to have a Prolinca set-up - nothing fancy, but portable and very dependable.

3 heads, 1 softbox, one silver brolly, one shoot-through white brolly - and a nice Infra Red Trigger to keep things cordless.


Paid for itself in no time, and was a really great way to learn about lighting.