The "what's new" button

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Does anyone use this...
Click it and it will show you all the posts you haven't yet read...
Just incase you didn't know...
First thing I go for! :)
Sort of! Often it says something like 23 unread posts, then you read one and go back to the top of the page and it say no unread posts even though there are several shown. Just a bug I guess and not really an issue. When there are some unread posts it always shows it at first and this only does something odd while you are working your way through them.
thats because its posts, not threads, so if you start with 23 unread posts you might open one thead that contains 20 unread posts and it wold then go down to 3 once you have read them :)
I think it's a 'feature' to draw in the punters... LOL