Critique Required The Windbreak - with spots!

Indeed, the water here is also very nice for drinking😋. We also filter ours through one of those UV units, fitted by the previous owners shortly before we bought the house, although they managed ok for the 20 years the lived here. Anyway, sorry, I’ve digressed somewhat. I wish you well in resolving the issues and will be interested to see any follow up on it 🙂
No need to apologize, not to me anyway! I was feeling a little guilty for starting a developing discussion in the Landscape thread... sorry to the admins. I'll do my best to post an update after the next roll, it might be a little while though.
I had an almost similar experience with Rollei ATP 1.1 film, when developed in Rollei RLC; black spots all over the negative, and after a couple of ruined negatives I learned this was caused by the iron oxides, which appeared on the film due to the tap water I was using at the time. Annoying stuff, to say the least. Turning to distilled water made these spots go away, lesson learned.

Never happened again, and this iron spots thing never occurred with any other film or developer. Strange.