The Wye Valley

Laurie Parker

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Went yesterday on a day trip to the gorgeous Wye Valley, went to the ancient viewpoint at Symonds Yat then along to the riverside and popped in to see Tintern Abbey, amazing scenery in all directions at this place could have spent days there as photo opportunities were everywhere, weather was pretty cloudy to begin with but brightened up later in the day.

Symonds Yat is a village split by the river and for a small fee a handpulled ferry will pull you across river saving a 5 mile trip by road


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2 gorgeous shots there Skye, but the top one is just breathtaking: very formal-looking and the building, despite its state of decay looks so regal. Marvellous.
cheers Guys, couldn't agree with you more Pete the area is so photogenic I seriously could spend days there to capture it at different times of the day, but I bet autumn there is something well worth considering.

Gorgeous looking building aint it Grez makes me think when I look at places like this of the skills of the people that built them, and thinking that it stood through battles, world wars the lot
A couple of lovely country scenes Skye:).
worth spending few days there Alistair really is a scenic area, they do rallying in the forestry by my house may go see if I can get some shots next time they are there