Three Cliffs Bay

Laurie Parker

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Taken two weeks ago at a local Beach Three cliffs Bay on Gower this area really is so scenic photo opportunities everywhere , going back down soon as weather improves as really was a great day out although knackering with all the walking lol
Love the location, lighting and compositions. Did you use a polarizer on these? - great saturation :)

You thought of using ND and doing shots 1 & 2 again with blurry sea?
cheers Chris no didn't use the polariser just the lens for these and yep have thought about ND filter and blurred smooth sea especially at sunset thinking of staying down there overnight one weekend to do it, These are using canons landscape setting and manual mode, all I have really done to these is sharpened slightly and re-sized they came out like this on camera, was nearly midday and the sun for once was slightly behind but above me couldn't have timed it better really. The area really is something special want to try from various vantage points on next visit its only about 30 mins away from house so pretty close too,.

cheers Tim
wow they are amazing laurie, fab colours and the compositions you have chosen are just perfect. We don't have many rugged coast lines like that around my local coast, its all sandy beaches lol
we got mixture of both about here,but Gower is lovely and rugged with fab beaches always reminds me of Cornwall, as there are so many little bays round each corner
It dont happen often Matt wish it did lol, just certain days things seem to go right, this day was one of them and the following day out to waterfalls was another, usually the sun is wrong place or something messes things up for me lol so loads of fiddling about then
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