Time Stamps on Posts

Hi All,

Does anyone else see time stamps appearing to shift on posts? Sometimes they show a time an hour before they were posted.

OK, an example. The reply I posted to Hovers was made at 4:50. When I logged in a moment ago it was showing 3:50. Now it shows 4:50 again. Very strange. At first I thought i was imagining it....!
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I hadn't noticed that. Did you log on using different computers?
It seems to shift even during a session. But I've just noticed that sometimes the time at the bottom of the page shows GMT and at others its shows GMT+1. I had bee looking at the forum on one laptop and I switched to another as I wanted to work on some images in CaptureOne and out of curiosity looked at the forum on that machine. Both laptops (MacBook Pro's) show the same time on the system clock but at the moment one is showing GMT after a refresh and the other GMT+1 on the forum!