Tinisha 2

Darren Turner


just realised i think i should have straightened this image for the background rather than tinisha.......... lol
I like it, doesn't matter to much its not straight... It looks a bit lika a swing?
Red is a good colour in a coat - 'don't look now' for eg, and course the obvious 'schindlers list' thing .. Especially with the b&w background...
I like the idea, however I think the colours are too strong. It seems almost Photoshopped on, if that make sense. I would probably layer the kid after Grayscaling, then desaturate the colours of the kiddo slightly.
But they are two really nice images all the same.
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Agree with Barry - little bit of desaturation would help it gel better I think
Lovely shot of Tinisha I also think the sloping don't matter on this as she is on a swing, red coat looks fab, don't know if you have noticed though along the back of her coat from her hair down to end of coat there is a halo, looks like some of the original colour of the background has been brought back when you done the selective colour with the brush, only letting you know case your getting them printed as it would show up in a lab print
cheers folks, i have toned down the saturation as mentioned and it does look better......... and also been a bit more carefull when painting the colour back in with history brush after desaturation, laurie thanks for pointing that out.