Today Sucks

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Today I was told that I am being made redundant, well that just sucks

It's my own fault, I left a nice safe job to take a chance with a new business, but alas it's not quite working out. I've no idea what to do really. I feel a little bit depressed tonight :( I think I might just get drunk!
awwwwww gutted for ya mate..........chin up.......hope something come along VERY soon.........!!!!
Yeah, sorry to hear that Vic ... You gotta take these risks when they come along... Safe is fine but let's face it it's a little mundane usually ... So yeah, I shouldn't hold you self responsible buddy...
And good luck looking for somthing new ... I think there are jobs about ... It's just finding the one for you that's not always as easy these days ...
Enjoy your drink, it usually helps :)
Hi Vic,

Terrible news. I'm really sorry to hear that the move didn't work out. As Hamish said though, safe isn't always best and if you hadn't made the change you would always have wondered, "I wonder if.... ". And job security is really a fantasy these days. A new challenge will appear, maybe even less safe. And there's less to lose this time.

As the others said, enjoy the drink. Think of the good things and let your imagination wander.
Vic - expect you'll be looking back on this episode from a new position, and thinking that it opened up a new and interesting opportunities for you.

Wishing you all the best.
Thanks chaps for the support, I rang my old company today and they will take me back so it's not so bad, although I have forgotten alot of the computer system so that will be tough( I'm assuming I'll be in the office, I might be a driver!)

Having said that I thought about what I could do and I love photography so I shall some how try to get something going with that. I do like product photography, I love the way you have to model things with light. So I have a few plans that I shall slowly work on.
Although having won the procrastinator of the year award 2010 ( never got round to collecting it though) I doubt if it will happen.

Thanks again though chaps

(poor and destitute)