Torun Doorway

Just back from a week in Torun, Poland. And what great doorways they have. Here's the first....


Leica M9, Leica Elmarit-M 28 1:2.8. ISO 160, 1/90 at f11. Slight rotation in PS but otherwise straight out of the camera.
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Good stuff, Look forward to some more!
For all the desire for sunlight us humans have, it probably would have been better in the shade?
Good bit of flakey paint, does wonders in an image though eh?
Thanks Hamish. I was actually drawn to the strong side-lighting (it was about 10:00 AM) and that is what brings the textures out. Normally I process these images by BP and a spot of cross process and that was what was in my mind that day. But this was just so punchy straight out of the camera (imported into LR but not given any adjustments).

And, if you like flaky paint, just you wait to see the treat I have in store for you!!
acutall pete, looking at it on the big screen, i think its the light and slightly off angle, i feel drawn out of the image if that makes sense?

can i show you what i mean?
Hi Hamish. Yes, please do although I think I know what you are referring to. The eye is dawn to the top left. I have another shot which excludes that side which was my original intention as it was the doorway and the RH side which first attracted me to the shot.

(Fairly poorly) skewed to bring the left hand side closer ... Flatens the wall in relation to the viewer ... Lost a bit in the required crop ...
Very post urban - another very fine door sir!

Hamish - the forum should be able to publish a book of door pics soon - what should we call it? ;)
"The Perception of Doors" ... ... (a play on the Aldous Huxley book title)
Now that is a good idea, we could actually do that, there are online publishing things that cost next to no money.
I was going to help Alistair (header photo man) do one, but he has been a bit of a no show really...