Trip to work theme, 01/10/10 - 8/10/10

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
The theme for this week is

Trip to work

make of that what you will, it was chris's idea :)

seriously, perhaps consideration could be taken to your journey, with some insite into the impending feeling of doom that you feel first thing on monday morning ... or indeed if you get up early, perhaps something to capture that tranquillity in the early morning air.
no copping out if your retired... it doesnt need to be your trip to work
also trip doesnt need to be your physical movements, maybe a representation of your mental journey ... i dunno, interpret it how you like...
but if it is really tenuous then some description might be advised :)

this is the first theme, if it ends up a shambles we can tighten the rules as we go along... now get to it people... you got a week!
Sure, blame me why don't you! :D
Watch me get arrested for taking a picture on a packed train, anyone going to stand bail?
Hey, a self portrait of getting arrested on the way to work would make a great entry!
Here's a take on trip to work, from this weekend.

Not your average job, but here's a Marine pilot from MCAS Miramar (the old Top Gun base) heading off to work on Sunday, through the fog and low cloud.

hmm, if he is a pilot and flying a plain surely he is AT work...?

I'm suggesting he can't do any 'work' until he get's the plane airborne, and up to altitude... ;-)
Well the theme was your idea, so I guess it should be let slide... Just this once though!

No no no, I'll get of my *** and go and shoot something more appropriate this week - time allowing :)
I'm only saying it coz you set the bar a bit too high for my liking ... I was mulling over some sort of image of the stairs up to my office with maybe a cup of steaming tea on the bottom step or somthing... I wasnt anticipating bloody aeroplanes in fog!! :)
I'm very interested in this idea of a regular theme - but sadly this first one has got me stumped...
That's the point I think... Get the old grey matter going ....
I'm a bit stumped too... My previous idea turned out to be a crap idea so I'm trying to think of somthing else ...
Im working in the shop today, Im going to set out a bit sooner and take my camera on my bike and see what I can find
Not my original idea. I've yet to do that if I can get 30mins.


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