F/S Two MR-9 mercury battery adaptors for PX625, nearly new

I have a pair of the voltage-reducing MR-9 adaptors which can be used for cameras which expect mercuric oxide cells such as PX625. These are the ones sold by the Small Battery Company, so they're the proper voltage-reducing ones with a diode, not the cheap shims you can find elsewhere which do nothing other than adapt the size. They're what you need if you want to make a Leica M5's meter read properly, or for anything else that wants a PX625 cell.

I bought these in October to adapt a Lunasix 3 (which I then dropped and broke), so they're about 2 months old. They include the 386 cell which should be essentially new. I'll throw in a pair (or one per adaptor if sold separately) of the silver-oxide S625PX cells which I assume are nearly new which are the same size as the adaptors as I have no used for them.

There is one set of the instructions between them (stupidly I threw away the second). I'm trying to sell them to avoid the 'I have these adaptors, I should now just buy an M5 or, perhaps, two M5s' GAS problem!

They're £29.43 each new from SBC, so perhaps £30 for two, or £16 each. Postage included in the UK, ask me if elsewhere.