V for Vendetta

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I took this shot a while back at a demonstration outside the Church of Scientology in London. I just happened to be walking past and thought I'd mingle for a bit. Originally I had cropped it alot tighter and just did a B&W conversion and added a blue tone to it(I went through a blue phase once) . Although I like it as it was I really wasn't that happy with it so I thought I'd give it a revisit. I decided against the tight crop this time and pretty much left it, in away I like what the two extra characters add to the image added some texture to grime it up alittle.





Hi Vic,

It's interesting re-visiting old images isn't it?

Your original treatment is quite graphic although I'd probably 'print' it a lot harder. I like the new treatment though and the texture you've used. I'd be tempted to de-saturate the reds a spot more and do like the tighter crop of the original probably because of the guy on the other side of the street. I miss the 'black' eyes too.
Hi Pete,

I think I may revisit it again this time do the original crop. Although I like the character in the background (at least I think I do) I should at least try it with another crop. When I posted these side by side, the 'black eye' thing did cross my mind I was thinking it would be nice to at least be able to see his eyes.
I think you may be right. Back to the graphics tablet for me!
Blue phase... Blue phase... Brilliant! I feel a lot better about my pink phase now ;)

I'd just make it pink and have it done with... Shut up Hamish

Yeah, i like a lot about the original, The smoothness of the mask does something for me, and the ambiguity of the gender of the wearer works ...
I would perhaps balance the exposure of the background the mask and the smug looking chaps face a bit... If that makes sence...
Can we make this another "let's all edit vics photos" :)
I thought the film was really good too. The problem with a lot of people is that they don't want to think about anything and V for Vendetta isn't exactly hard work either. I realised that many people limited their powers of thinking when I was at school. Total Recall had just came out and loads of people were complaining saying that it didn't make sense and the plot was so complicated they couldn't understand what was going on. As a early teenager I watched it and understood everything, it wasn't hard at all really. It's not that many people are stupid, they don't want to think very hard.

Anyway, what was this post about?......................................
very true ... and i suspect it only takes one reviewer who couldnt be bothered to think about what was going on, to then write about it not being very good, which then leads to a whole load of people thinking it isnt very good just because they have read a review in the bloody sun saying so
We could have a go at editing this I guess, maybe we need to make a new section 'Edit Vic's Pics ' (cool that meters)

So to sum up second edit not good, first edit better.... I think I would go along with that really, although I feel that there improvement to be made from MKi
*sigh" I'm starting to feel paranoid about this forum, it seems my pictures get picked on alot :/

I shall post it on PB in a second in a closed album, the password will be 'edit'. I seem to get a few pictures stolen from Flickr and a couple on PB since I opened up the album.

done................ http://s172.photobucket.com/albums/w33/Ransom_DD/EDITS/
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Aw mate... Don't be sad :) its only because you posted a couple of versions that makes me want to edit it... You can edit as many of my photos as you like if it will make you feel better ... And anyway, maybe it's just that when I see your photos they inspire something in me ... Maybe you should take it as a compliment?
I was just kidding, I don't mind. I am aware that it all helps me, I can see a change in my processing style since I joined this forums so that's all good, not sure if it's for the better though!

And I hardly think I inspire anyone.......
I know :)
... Yeah, im pretty pleased how much I have got out of the forum so far in terms of where my style has gone and going...
As for not inspiring anyone you shouldn't sell your self so short ... I'd like to think we have all inspired a lot in each other on here, even in the short time it's been going... and I certainly put your images in the genre of those that I have got the most out of! The ones that have most caught my eye etc ... So yeah, joking aside, by no means ever be offended if I offer a will to edit them, it's more than likely because I see something in them that I would have taken my self.