Veiw Point

Vic Shaw

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Ok I'm bored I have to stay up for another 3 hours so I can drive to Stonehenge to catch it at Sunrise then drive for another hour to get to a festival. Anyway I thought I post some photos, This is a very old one but another that I've always liked.


It says still only 20p. How much for a moving image?
I like the way they put this somewhere where, as far as we can tell, there is absolutely nothing to see! :)
Did you get any good photos of Stonehenge then? I went there once and found it a bit of a disappointment. Its probably one of the most important sites in the UK yet nothing has really been done to make it a special place to see. Possible good to see at day break though if you can avoid all the roads, fences and plastic netting.

Love the Viewpoint shot, there's something lonely about it.