Very Wet, Cold and Foggy Hatfield Forest

Paul Lange

Went to Hatfield Forest today to get out and walk around for a bit. It was very muddy from all the recently thawed snow and recent rainfall. The dogs were a complete mess by the end of it!

Took a few shots in between the rain. With all the fog views were fairly washed out so seemed like a good bet to take them with it in mind to convert them to BW and add a bit of tinting.



This was my attempt at a homage to Ansel Adams but not sure that I really got there. This was the only view that had a relatively clear backdrop to it. I would have like a different angle. Very odd tree though, looks like someone stuck a living tree to a fallen dead one.
Paul! You have excelled you self ... These are very very good!
Especially the first and third ... Absolutely right up my street!
Not wanting to belittle your past efforts... But when did you get so good ...
I've just shown Barry and he had the same reaction as me ... Seriously I don't want to give you an ego or what not but these are exceptional photos!
Very spooky Paul - really like the subjects and the treatments - really sets the mood, and proof that it's worth the effort in any weather to go get those shots
Thank you for the kind words guys. Recently I've been thinking much more about what type of shot would be best when I see something and also what post process would likey work best before I shoot. Please stop though, I tried to walk out the room and my head got stuck in the door frame. It means a lot when people who do this for a living say they like it.