Wedding on a farm

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
They were a little sceptical about the shot infront of the old machinery but as I the brides brother is a good friend of mine I think they let me take it as a favour... As it turns out my judgement turned out well... They really like the photo... Happy days!



Natural lighting, what you can see I subtle lightroom selective exposure adjustment... Good to here it looks like it was done with a flash :)
hehe its like anything though, when your staring through your viewfinder, youre often mostly focused on the main subject. Its hard to take in the whole scene. I also find it hard to spot the obvious faults in my own work, because im too focused on the overall result. Like the photo i commented on today that wasnt quite level (the quay one). I had tons and tons of photos that werent level.

It's something you just dont notice at the time.
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, I have spent about 3 days in total working on these photos and have nit picked and nit picked... It's only after it was commented that it looked like I had used fill flash that I notice that negative impact of selective exposure adjustment on the background ... Ie it getting lighter with the foreground... That said that line was there on the day too though... There is little chance I would have noticed it then.. I was concentrating on not taking too long so as not to miss the sun set for some other shots we were going to take ... Not to mention 100000 other things going through my head on a wedding shoot... I guess with more time and practice and advice and pointers on here these errors of judgment will get ironed out of my work ...
right, i have used the adjustment brush with a 30% density, -4.0 stop exposure and a slight tint of red down the imposing line to set it into the background... i tried just cloning it out but it looked rubbish... i have posted the new version below the first one for comparison... what do we think?
Looks much better Hamish :)

No one would know what was there unless you told them.
An example where tampering with a photo is justifiable, harmless and adds pleasure to the world!
I'm not sure if I actually like this, Don't get me wrong I do like it the settings nice , composition and quality etc. but somehow I feel the lighting lets it down. As good as it is it just looks a little false to me. Maybe it's a taste thing but the whole lighting thing just doesn't sit right with me, which is a pity because it;s a nice photo apart from that.
I do know what you were saying, I was told by my graphic designer that it looked like a composite today...
I'm happy though, it's how I saw it in my minds eye when I took it and I guess that's the goal
Thats the main thing. have you tried some desaturation? (silly question because knowing you , you have). I can see where this is going and I think it would make a nice shot with some other PP, not sure what. It's one that needs playing with till you get a better look or the right feel.
I once remove a whole house from a photo and rebuilt the sky