Wooo Hooo! Going on Safari!!

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Not a real safari of course, in fact, I'm not even leaving San Diego county... :confused:

We have a huge wild animal park here in San Diego, really a great place to go shoot animals (with a camera).


They do photo safaris where they put 15 tourists in the back of a truck, and drive out into the main animal enclosure for a couple of hours.


You get some close-up action with the Giraffes and Rhinos, and a longer look at everything else.




Should make for some good pictures - fingers crossed the weather stays good on Saturday! :p

Now, which lenses to take...?
wow sounds good.............look forward to seeing your pics..........i am sure you wont disappoint.

We have safari parks over here, but the are the drive through in your own car versions, car windows get in the way though :-(
I remember Longleat and Whipsnade as a kid - seem to remember getting monkey poo on dad's car at some point! :)