olympus xa2

  1. Brian Moore

    The Avocado Harvest

    I posted this one a few years ago under the title "Fruit Thief". But as with many (or maybe most) of the images I posted some years ago, the link to the photo was broken as I updated my website hosting parameters. An avocado is a fruit, isn't it? (Perhaps one of our botanists can confirm.)...
  2. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed The Aurora Avenue Bridge

    Here is another "digital manipulation" (aka colorized--er,...colourized--in Ps). This is the Aurora Avenue Bridge in Seattle, Washington. I used an Olympus XA2 with Fomapan 400 film. I've included the original image for comparison. Original:
  3. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Diver

    There is a small pedestrian bridge at South Lake Union Park in Seattle and one evening late last year this fellow stood on the crest of one of the arches making ready to jump. The drop isn't far,...maybe 10 or 15 feet to the water,...but the fellow couldn't work up the courage to jump. At least...
  4. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Two-Man Band

    Shot this image last year, pre-pandemic, at Timeless Pints, a micro-brewery in Lakewood, California. Every Sunday afternoon this brewery featured live music and Linda and I would go regularly to listen. (I'd have a beer while there, too.) The musical acts were invariably good. This band called...
  5. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Sauchiehall Street at Night

    Glasgow. February 2019. My brother had painted a portrait of a friend some years before and we had made arrangements to deliver the portrait to the friend at The Horseshoe Bar on Drury Street. We parked some streets away in a multi-story car park that afforded this view of Sauchiehall Street...
  6. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Boston Sunrise

    The last time I was on an airplane was March 12 of 2020. My itinerary was Boston to Newark, then connecting in Newark for a cross-country flight to Southern California. This photo is upon take-off from Boston. I imagine the vapor trail in the upper left reveals an aircraft that is...
  7. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed My Picasso

    Brilliant, eh...?:rolleyes: Olympus XA2 and Arista EDU 400 film processed in Rodinal.
  8. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed The Old Man And The Sea

    Le Racou beach, Argeles-sur-Mer, France. Olympus XA2 with Retrochrome 320 slide film cross-processed in C41 developer.
  9. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Cadillac at Night

    Olympus XA with Kodak Ultramax 400 film.
  10. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Ye Olde Union Oyster House

    I shot this picture on the evening of March 11, 2020. I was in Boston for a business trip. Turned out to be my last business trip. This image is a slight crop. After I processed the film I saw a piece of litter in the foreground. (My memory on the following point is vague but I think I used a...
  11. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Impending Meet-Up

    Gateway Arch National Park, St. Louis, Missouri. Olympus XA2 with Arista EDU 100 film.
  12. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Floater, Le Racou

    Shot this last August at Le Racou beach in the south of France. Olympus XA2 with "Retrochrome 320" slide film cross-processed in C41 chemicals.
  13. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Turbulence and Stardust

    I don't often select a window seat and I'm guessing I had no choice on this flight. Had my Olympus XA2 with me loaded with Fomapan 400 film. Processed in Cinestill DF96 Monobath and scanned on an Epson V500. Forgot about the (star)dust.
  14. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed At Boomtown Brewery

    A shot I took last year but only just developed a week or two ago. Boomtown Brewery in Los Angeles. Olympus XA2 and Arista EDU 400 film processed in Rodinal.
  15. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Traffic Jam

    Applecross Peninsula, Scotland. Olympus XA2 and Kodak Tri-X 400 processed in Rodinal.