Abandoned I & Abandoned II

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Might turn this into a series. a couple taken around town and I must say this forum has inspired me to get up and out again:)



ooh interesting looking sculpture whats it all about? and is it me or is that a strange place to park a car, looks like its been dropped from above lol nice looking building though love the through the fence look
The Sculpture is of 2 people on a bench. It looks like they are discussing something. I thought the one on the right looked sad, so I sat down and waited till I had someone walking away in the background to give it a more 'abandoned' look.

The car is sitting is some weeds. I guess thats why it looks funny at a small size.
Love the story of the first one. I've not got the type of imagination that would ever come up with something like that. It's great to see a pic that's been thought about in a fresh way.

No. 2 - love the chain-link fence framing the car. Lovely idea and good capture. :)