Article: Our Members Top Four Photos of 2011......

Really amazed by everyones shots they've posted! I have learnt so much from everyone here in the time i've been on RPF, so thankyou to all :)
Very much a newbie compared to lot :D haha. Didn't really know what shots to choose.. So these are 4 that I personally liked :)

My 2011 started in Kyoto, Japan! This shot wasn't taken in Kyoto.. As you can probably see, it is the A-bomb domb in Hiroshima. Taken with my good ol' trusty iPhone :)

IMG_3769 by Brodie1994, on Flickr

Got my first DSLR that I love and adore in September of this year.
This picture is my favorite from the set. This set was my first real attempt at people pictures :D

SONY DSC by Brodie1994, on Flickr

The demon within! haha. This was from a set which was the result boredom + curiosity. First go at experimenting with long exposure.
(not me in the pic) lol

DSC02327(cc) by Brodie1994, on Flickr

This last one is of my little cousin, taken earlier this week. Summer is here! we were all enjoying a hot afternoon by the pool. :)

DSC02939 by Brodie1994, on Flickr

Wishing you all a great Chrissy!
Good choice Brodie! Very nice set! The talent just keeps flowing on here!! :) :)
Nice group Brodie :) you do know it'll be even harder to choose next year :D Just keep doing what you are doing, cos you are doing it well :)
Nice group Brodie. The photo of your friend blowing the seeds is very special and ranks with the best of anyone. Keep shooting and have a Happy New Year of photography!
My top 4 and im struggling to not make them all rally shots :eek:

1) Hugh Hunter getting it wrong at the Somerset Stages. I was extreamly chuffed to see Motorsport News print it a couple weeks later :)

Hugh Hunter Croydon 1 Somerset Stages 2011 1 by Allyc85, on Flickr

2) At the same rally David Wright was a bit enthusiastic into this corner!

David Wright Croydon 2 Somerset Stages 2011 by Allyc85, on Flickr

3) A lone cottage in Scotland.

Lone Cottage by Allyc85, on Flickr

4) And a sandy beach in northern Scotland to finish off.

Beach on the Northern Scottish Coast by Allyc85, on Flickr
Well there are a lot of fantastic photo's on here.
Here are my 4, not as good as a lot of the ones posted but i feel i have improved a lot since being on here.




Darren, these are great, the fist I love, the third is a peach, but also loving the last, a great set :D oh BTW I also like the second...:D
Certainly have, it has been a great year this year for photos.... Lets see what 2011 brings?! :)
It occurred to me that 2011 ain't over yet. It's possible I may actually take a picture between now and the 31st that might become a favorite, so I am going to post my favorite 4 of 2011 on or after Jan 1. Zat OK, Hamish?
Wow, somehow I've only just found this thread!

It's too late to comment or congratulate everyone's set of 4, so I'll just say that there are many gorgeous shots on here, and lovely sentiments too.

I'll pick 4 of mine later, when I have a bit of time. I've taken fewer photos this year than in the recent past, quite simply because job and other pressures have stopped me getting out and about. There are definitely some I'm very proud of though and I've learned a lot of techniques on this site.

So, my top 4 to follow!
OK here's my favourite 4 from 2011.

As I say, not so many photos this year. I need to find inspiration for 2012.

This first one was a one-off experiment, but I liked the result. Using the PC screen as background, I had to hold the wine glass up against the screen in exactly the right position for the shot to work. I guess it would be easier with an ipad, as it could be assembled flat rather than vertically:


This one was taken in Koh Samui, at a coconut "factory". Based on a suggestion here I cropped it and gave it a tinted B&W treatment:


Also from Koh Samui, a street scene of a massage parlour:


Lastly a candid shot, just because I like it. I've only really experimented with B&W portraits this year, I tend to go for high contrast and add some grain:

Glad you jumped in Tim. Great shots. Three very different subjects all captured well. Took me a while trying to figure out what type of establishment was in that second shot. Only got it by looking back up at your caption. The blurred couple on the scooter adds motions and excitement to the scene.
I like #1...I hadn't though of using the PC screen for backgrounds...mind you I don't know if I'd have enough room for anything else on my desk...:)

Great photos....