BTCC - Flip onto 2 wheels!

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Here's a capture from British Touring Cars - taken at the Knockhill circuit in Scotland.

This circuit has a great start straight, which then dives sharply right and downhill at the end, for no good reason!

It does however produce stunning action during races, as the faster cars will flip up onto 2 wheels as they try and make the turn, and loose traction as the track goes down the hill.

You need a long lens (600mm here, made up of 300 f2.8l and the Canon 2x extender) -take a position down-hill from the crest, low to the ground to get the maximum air under the car in each shot.

The rest is practice and timing! :cool:

Here's one of the faster Astra's - showing us how it's done...

thats pretty nifty... i like the heat haze!
could do with a bit of room to the right... but i understand shooting at that sort of focal length is anything but easy on a fast moving subject
I'm sure the drivers actually look forward to Knockhill for that very reason! LOL