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Darren Turner

i use scandisk Extremme 3 Compact Flash Cards and have never had any problems, untilll about a week ago :confused::confused:

when i put cf card into card reader & then into usb port on laptop, instead of openening up so i can view my images it says....

You Have To Format The Disk Drive in :H Before You Can Use It
do you want to format it ?

errrr no i bloody dont, i want to see the pictures i have just taken thanks

now prior to taking the pic i have formatted the card in computer & in camera (40D) and i still keep getting this annoying message.

This happens with all my 10 CF i am presuming the card reader is goosed, as i can access images no problem via camera & usb cable.

any help would be appreciated.

thanks for your response Pete, i am using windows 7, i have tried the cf card reader in 2 other machines......1 with XP & 1 with XP pro & still isnt working

you tried plugging the card reader in first then inserting the card? also check windows is recognizing the right drive as the card reader browse through "my computer and trace the card reader through there, then open it from there and see if you can see your images
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Assume the camera still reads it ok?
As far as I am aware the best practice is deleting images using the computer and formatting using the camera ... That would indicate card problems I you format using the computer a lot

Either that or you instincts are correct and it is the reader. We get through readers in the shop quite quickly, or at least we used to ... Recent ones are better.

Either way, a process of inlimination is the way forward ... I would start with a new reader ... If the problem persists, a new card.

If you are really stuck getting the images off the cards, recovery software usually still works when the card can't be accessed this way... Just point it at the appropriate drive... Although I would only do this with a new reader as if it is reader problems IME you risk file corruption
More thoughts - There is a possibility It's the camera, although IME this is the least likely, readers ate usually the week link, and if it's happening with all cards that would be my best guess...
yeah its defo the card reader, it does it will all my cards, in any computer, it says i need to format the card, but wont actually let me as it then says it Dont recognised the drive.............all card work, store, delete & format fine directly in camera,
so any recommendations for a car reader folks.......this Jessops own brand one didn't last 12 months........
we use the "delkin devices" ones ...
they have given me the least issues of all the ones i have used, i have 3 of them now and they all work fine...

alternatively you can get them to go in the pc in the 3.5" drive slot
like this
or with a 5.25" bay like this
although i dont have any direct experience of these
so any recommendations for a car reader folks.......this Jessops own brand one didn't last 12 months........

I have a SanDisk imageMate ( ) at work in the UK that's a few yeasr old now but mostly I use a Delkin FilmExpress 34 card (either CF or SD) in my MB-Pro's. The Pro-Gear G5 is also superb (in studio) and is nice and big and heavy so it's doesn't disappear off the back of the desk every five minutes due to the weight of the cable! But, you have to buy it directly from the manufacturer in the US as there is no European distributer (it probably isn't CE approved).
I use Delkin as well - they're actually a local company to me here in San Diego

So far it's been rock solid
so any recommendations for a car reader folks.......this Jessops own brand one didn't last 12 months........

If its less than a year old take it back to Jessops and ask for a new one ?
i would if i had a receipt :-(