Couple of shots from Libya

Paul Lange

Hi Guys, A couple of shots from Libya. I have some more but I've only just got back and I am still going through them. These are 2 files that I converted to Black and White in camera. They get saved as Jpeg so I was able just to upload them straight away. Quite happy with them as they are.


I got a shot like that first one ... Whilst you were away I think ...
It's good all these photos we get from all over the world, makes the place more interesting I think :)
Good trip?
Tripoli Castle at Night.jpg


Old Tripoli Suk Shop.jpg

Libya is an interesting place that is very culturally different to UK. Many things that we take for granted here in UK just don't exist. The flat that we stay in, to the untrained eye looks like its in a ghetto. In reality its in one of the best places in downtown Tripoli.

Leptis Manga is about 1-1/2 hours drive from Tripoli. Quite an impressive site and you can walk around freely wherever you want just as long as you don't damage anything or take anything away. Here in UK it would be impossible to get so close to such a place, you would be fenced off and herded into areas far away from anything interesting, Stonehenge being an example.