Crooklets Bay, Bude


Graeme Harvey

I don't know if it's going to wreck the forum, but this is a hand-stitched panorama that I made of Crooklets Bay, Bude from my Summer Holidays last year.


If you right-click and open image in new tab, you get a bigger view!
Nice one Grez, one of my old stomping grounds when I lived in north Devon.
I havent done any panoramas for a long time:D

nise stiching the you clever sew-and-sew
well it just SEAMED to be the right thing to do
yup it was just TAILOR MADE for it, even for a PIN HEAD like me
I've been DYEING to do another one, but the NEEDLE go away soon.
I don't know the thread is KNITTING together nicely
I can feel another one of YARN coming along in a minute...
No, in fact I've been let out. Nice to see you turn up, too!