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Hi all. My names Alistair and Hamish has asked me to be the Macro Forum Moderator. Although i dabble in other forms of photography Macro is my passion. I shoot predominatley with Canons MPe-65 Macro Lens which starts where other macro lenses finish 1:1 and goes right the way up to 5:1. All my images are shot with flash an my homemade diffusers. I shoot everything handheld and all insects are alive.

Here are a small selection of my shots.




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Alistair is to be our resident macro super genius...
he is also our first super moderator :)

(i sold him his first marco lens - a tamron 90mm, about 2 years ago... so when he gets more famous ... thats gonna be my claim to fame... ... ....)
These images you atached were 1000px wide and were previously being resized to 800 wide... they have been reesized by the forum to 900px wide... this, i think, is more than wide enough now...
what do you think?
Fantastic :)

Can you share any details about the flash or is it a secret ? ( if so, no problem)

Simply Stunning!
Brilliant shots those & welcome on board, I have funnily enough just taken in a used Canon MPE65mm & 24mm tilt shift must take them out at the weekend & have a try out as both are mint/boxed.
great shots... wish i'd have been warned about content though, i thought we had a section for this?
Awesome shots, im just updating my macro lens and have been looking at the Canon 100mm L.. maybe i should check out that MPe-65 too