First studio portrait

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Me and a (very good) wedding photographer Richard Barley ( ) have been tinkering in the studio this morning - i have basically finished setting it up now, and it is at least useable now, so this was the first photo of a person taken since it has been ready to go
this shot was one light with a silver brolly against my grey back drop... im quite happy with it (its Richard in the photo)

what do you think?

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Looks like you need to add some heating to the studio Hamish! ;)

Lighting is very nice - good modeling of facial features and a nice effect on the backdrop.

Maybe a tighter crop without so much negative space above?
yes, it was freezing up there, i bought a heater this morning, but its pathetic ...
we did a tighter crop, but both agreed that the lighting on the backdrop with the natural vignette worked well with him looking up ... i quite like unusual compo too at the mo :)
Looking good hamish.......all you need now is some models that are pleasing to the eye & preferably

Next time you’re up in your studio grab us a shot of your studio & lighting setup.........;)
(interested, curious or nosey git....your choice.......haha )
will do mate ... Richard is down there tomo with a model ill get him to post a photo, and whilst he is there take a shot of the set up in action
look forward to it Hamish..........
Hamish - have you done any colour temp tests on the new flash set-up.

Looking on my screen here it's looking a tad cool perhaps?

But given that it's a JPEG on the InterWebs it could just be the joys of sRGB!

UPDATE: Just did an auto contrast on the image in PS, and that opened it up nicely :)
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are you dropping in the north face as product placement? :)

the lightings really nice and the way the models looking into it but I would change the colour of the jacket for certain as its too similar to the background and I don't like the space but hey I think its preference
Nice first shot Hamish. Looking forward to seeing more. I guess once the modeling lamps have been on for a bit it'll warm the place up. I would probably have used a reflector to bounce a tiny bit of light onto the LH side of his face so his ear wasn't surrounded by so much very deep shadow. Otherwise I like the lighting. I'm surprised that you're picking up detail in the background at f3.5 but I guess that will end up being a limitation of the size of the room.
Richard has got some excellent photos from the following day, it really shows what can be done in such a small space ... he is a bit shy about posting them on a forum for now, but i hope to get more up soon ...

i know what you mean about the darkness round the ear ... i just gotta practise a bit more i think!