forum mods and admin

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
i need to cement my admin/mod team
the current situation is a little hazy as i have not really got round to sorting anything yet

as it stands i have admin, but their roles are mostly as founding members and arnt paticularily active in terms of moderating

im wondering who might be interested in taking a more active role?
i have a few people in mind ... but id prefer people to volunteer... i want to do this now before we get to busy ... so yeah... whos interested in helping me run and moderate this place
well i have to much time on my hands especially during winter months.........and used to run our own small forum with many other folks who have transfered over here to "realphotographersforum" (thanks grez) a few years back...........i am more than willing to help out where i can.......!!
RPF officially welcomes Darren to the team,
he has full moderation control over the whole forum, so if anyone has any issues and im not around he's ya man :)
Be happy to lend a different time zone to the mix if that would be of assistance?

i.e. I could lord it about whilst you're all asleep back in Blighty! LOL
Coolio ... I'm glad you have perked up Chris, I was hoping you might what with your being abroad and writing lots about canon stuff... I'll set you up tomorrow ... Pm with info to follow etc