Fuji X-Pro1 manuals online

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Those chaps at Fuji have been busy - and the manuals for the camera and lenses are now online and ready to download in PDF format.




everything you ever needed to know before you drop your hard earned Yen on a new toy :D
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Think I just fixed the links Hamish - try again

And I'm certainly going to have a look when they come out ;)
Very odd - the forum software was truncating the URLs Hamish

I have updated with short URLs and it should be fine now
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Keep us posted on how you get on wont you!

I did skim the manuals. I expect with the months of experience X100 shooting, the learning curve will be shallow. Working shooters are much more familiar with Fuji high-end products than those in the consumer market, so I am confident the camera will live up to expectations. While they do sell yet another P&S like everyone else, their Fujinon lenses are well know by large-format shooters and the whole movie/video industry. The camera design—along with the design of the X100—is what I have been hoping for since the dawn of digital. Very similar to the rangefinder cameras that I used so much for personal photography, but in a fully 2012 version.