New Fuji Firmware Updates

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
New Fuji camera firmware just went online

We are pleased to announce that new firmware updates are now available for the following products:

  1. (1) X-Pro1 : 3.20 (current 3.10)
  2. (2) X-E1 : 2.20 (current 2.10)
  3. (3) X-E2 : 1.20 (current 1.10)
  4. (4) X-M1 : 1.10 (current 1.01)
  5. (5) X-A1 : 1.10 (current 1.01)
  6. (6) XC16-50mm : 1.12 (current 1.10)
  7. (7) XF18-55mm : 3.11 (current 3.10)
  8. (8) XF55-200mm : 1.11 (current 1.10)
The updates for the camera models incorporate the following changes:
  1. 1) Addition of compatibility with XF56mmF1.2R.
  2. 2) Improvement of AE accuracy with XF56mmF1.2R
  3. 3) Improvement of AF accuracy with XF56mmF1.2R (only for X-E2)
For the lenses, the following changes are applied:
  1. 1) Improvement of OIS function for movie shooting when panning and tilting a camera.
  2. 2) Improvement of OIS function for still image shooting.
  3. 3) Fixed a bug where the maximum aperture always displays F5.6. (only for XC16-50mm. )
  4. 4) Improvement of AF response during continuous shooting with X-E2 and X-T1. (for XF18-55mm and XF55-200mm)
I love it that they release a fully functional camera, but with enough power to continuously improve it over the next couple of years. I was happy with both my cameras on day one, but they are much better now. Most impressive is the X100 which got a significant firmware upgrade months after its successor was on the market. Some say that they should just finish the camera and then release it. Doing that could delay the camera indefinitely, since technology is a moving front.