Good news and bad news

Alastair Cummins

New Member
Good news, bought a set of ND4-ND2-ND grad filters off of ebay for £12 :D

Bad news, the auto focus on my 18-55mm lense is playing up big time :mad:
Half press the button to focus and all you can hear is a clicking noise, like the AF is jammed or something. It works occasionally but im guessing im going to need to send it away for repair :(
You tried cleaning the lens contacts carefully?
If it carries on take the camera and lens to your local freindly independant camera shop and politely ask if you can try one of their lenses on your camera and your lens on one of thier cameras ... It does sound more like a lens issue, but it's always worth ruling out camera problems.
If it is the lens, and it does carry on, we sometimes have ex kit lenses at the shop I could do you a good price on. Unfortunatly repair out of g'tee on a kit lens is often uneconomic when compared to the second hand value.
I'd happily help you get a quote repair though if you wanted ... That said, my recent personal dealings with nikons repair department have been excellent, and they supply quote for repair for less than £20 even if you turn down the repair