Great iPad App for Photographers - LightTrac

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
This is a great App for people who like to plan their shooting locations for photography, before they head out.

This App allows you to look up any location using Google maps, switch to Satellite image if you like, then tell it the day and time you'll be shooting there.

It displays the position of the sun at sunrise, sunset, and at any time you select - so you can plan the time of day to shoot specific subjects with the best light.

So for example, when I'm shooting motorsports at California Speedway racetrack, I can exactly select the shooting location (actually a photographers hole in the safety fence in this case - covering the infield 180 degree bend).


I can then use the LightTrac app to tell me the times of day that the sun will be behind me.


Playing with the time of day slider I can see I'm good through the mid part of the day, shooting the cars as they come around the infield bend towards my shooting position, with the sun behind me.

I can then head to the track, having selected which shooting position I'll be using at each time of the day for best lighting, and maximise my effective shooting time and quality of light in my images.

Here's a couple of shots taken from this location, sun over the shoulder:



Great App, and a real time saver when you're heading to a new location to shoot for the first time :D (Can't find it in the US App store today - must be down for an upgrade or something - will keep checking just in case)