Brian Moore

I first posted this image in 2016 but the link on that post is no longer active, here it is again.

I snapped this image of a young cow as we drove the herd along the road near Fearnmore on the Applecross peninsula in Scotland.

Olympus XA3 and Retrochrome 320 slide film cross-processed in C41 print film chemicals.

I am not a fan of retro colours, but the light and the subject (and its posture) definitely catch the eye! Love it.
Thanks Gianluca. Just to be clear, I didn’t add in “retro colours.” The colour shift is a result of the cross-processing. (Sorry if I’m telling you something you already know.)
I'm sure I've seen that a good few years back, Brian. Definitely worth seeing again, though. How long did you get him to hold that pose?

The backstory is that when I glanced backwards I saw a small herd of coos coming at me from behind,...all I saw was pointy horns! I was quite alarmed. So I was on the move and shot this image from the hip as I accelerated past that coo.