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Michael Jardine

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Good morning, all- I'm Michael Jardine and I love making pictures! Probably like a few joiners have taken Hamish Gill's suggestion to visit/join RPF. I learned quite a lot about 35mm when I was a lot younger and put it away for 20 years or so and then picked it up again, with some medium format and (so far baby-steps in) 4"x5"- I'm stretched a bit thin with day job and family but I still aspire to producing a half-decent black-and-white print occasionally with an enlarger and some trays in my bathroom.

It looks like there are some good folks and excellent photos around here and look forward to seeing/ talking!


pic below's of a shop window on Golborne Road, London W10- DSLR scan of a bit of film (probably FP4+ taken with a Rolleiflex)


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