iPhoneography snaps thread

Grabbed this shot of Pittsburgh through the window of a Delta jet flying at 35,000 feet or so last Tuesday. We were traveling from Washington DC back to Montana after a visit with our daughter, grandson and son in law. Taken with my iPhone 5.

There was some high thin clouds on the right side of the photo, otherwise the arise was pretty clear.

Amazing iPhone shot - look at that the CBD!
The adventure continues (see above). Today my wife fell down some steps on the way down to Robin Hood's Bay - and badly sprained both her ankles. She can't walk.

So - here's a shot of where we spent a big part of the day - and a twilight shot of Whitby on the way back to our digs.

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Sorry to hear about your wife's fall Dave. Hope she is back on her feet soon.
Amazing iPhone shot - look at that the CBD!
I googled it and found stuff like:
Christian Book Distributers
A compound in Cannabis that has some medical impacts
Several other possible definitions,
And Central Business District. :cool: Is that it?
We spent today at Grosmont railway station. I manage to get my wife from the car to cafe where she spent most of the day while i mooched about the platform photographing the comings and goings.

Here's today's iPhone pic - an old diesel and two steam trains.

Great composition. I like the pier or jetty coming right out of the left corner. Beautiful.
while we are sharing airplane photos .... one I took over the coast of Ireland

Nice. :) I like the choice of frame too as it is reminiscent of a plane window.

cheers Pete, once again I have to admit I never thought of that lolol ... thing is, you're a tog and you're on a plane... what are you supposed to do :D
What will you do with all that spare time?!

Why did you give it up out of interest? - feel free to tell me to bugger off for being nosy!

well basically we had noticed that we weren't enjoying it anymore. We played off original issue vinyl and we were finding that the crowd weren't bothered about format so we felt out of step with the current scene. It was then i made a decision to quit dj'ing and sell all my records... the proceeds of which have bought me a land rover freelander which I pick up today (not a new one) and i still have hundreds to go, the proceeds of which will be start up finance for my project I have starting in March :)
Beautiful. Would make a nice promo photo for Ryan Air. Nice to see clear air.