little niggles ...

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
post you little niggles here ... and i will try and sort them

the first one for me is the "new posts" feture is a bit pants... it doesnt show
"The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts"
this is smoething vb4 are working on.... why oh why did i decide to use .0 softwere :doh:
Posts next to peoples names as aposed to below them like in vb3.x
below would at least make 800px wide images fit in the current forum width... And if we widen it would allow for 1024px width images to fit in without over lap

im posting these here as I'd like peoples thoughts on them...
I want to try and get as many niggley things fixed as quick as possible before to many people join